Truck Safety Gear in Lubbock, TX

Truck Safety Gear was founded in 1995, when a shop foreman noticed the poor quality of truck safety equipment coming in for repairs. Because a need for a quality oversize load, wide load banner and safety flags was necessary, he began an attempt to create a better product of truck saftey equipment in Lubbock.

A family business, with a humble beginning; just a few saftey banners and flags in Lubbock were able to be produced each week. When the demand for our truck safety equipment products increased, we went from just dabbling, into a full blown business and Truck Safety Gear in Lubbock was born.

Having started with our heavy duty Iron Gear line, we ensured that our truck safety equipment in Lubbock could stand against all grueling weather. It goes the distance, coast to coast. As we became aware of a need for a medium duty product, we developed our Value Gear line. An equally tough product made for a more minor day to day use. Through the years, escort banners have been introduced and created, and specialty orders have been handled with great enthusiasm, to the best of our abilities.

We use Marine grade grommets on our safety flags and banners in Lubbock and hand make the bungees used. None of our products are ever outsourced and are made in house, from quality materials. With truck safety equipment products that have met the needs of all branches of the military, airports, marinas, oil fields, wind generators, trucking companies, railroads, and even NASA, we are certain that our products stand the test of any job. With quality control and attention to detail, TSG strives for excellence and customer satisfaction, doing our very best to have orders packaged and shipped out the same day.

With outstanding customer service, we ensure that our customers are always 100% satisfied with every order. We maintain an open line of communication and develop genuine relationships with our customers, maintaining the family feel. We pride ourselves in quality Lubbock truck saftey equipment made entirely in the USA!

With products that wear like Iron: Any problem is no problem when you’re outfitted in TRUCK SAFETY GEAR


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