Perfect weather, no passport needed, cheap, good service…. -Roger, Hi Roger – thanks so much for your generosity of time in answering personal questions, and providing great tips. Pretty much everywhere on earth that has warm weather in January has its peak season for hotel rates from Christmas through the first week in January. If you haven’t been there you might assume that it’s polluted or not a nice place, but it’s actually really lovely. The weather in January is perhaps the best of the whole year, as the evenings are reasonably cool and it's less humid that other times. After considering your words, I have decided that Cold is fine, we will take 8 days (must be Jan.13-20), and we can spend more money. There's more restaurants and tourist infrastructure there, yet it's a short ride into the center for sightseeing. Vietnam is particularly lovely with its long coastline. United Arab Emirates They have good (but not great) beaches in the next area over, with good nightlife options on top of everything else. Hopefully this helps. Zoom Inc. ZM is soon to be enlisted in the S&P 500 Index in the first quarter of 2021. Let me know if any of this sounds interesting, and I’ll be happy to provide more details if you need them. >>>Check current Cancun resort and package deals. Still, if you are looking for varied scenery and nature it’s probably better to go to Sri Lanka. I’ve heard that the country basically shuts down for 2 weeks. We are looking for a 1-2 week vacation that we can arrange ourselves, somewhere with lots to see, at least some English spoken, with either good roads to drive or a good transportation system to get around, and that’s safe to visit. Another factor is that many people from around the world would not consider Chicago or Detroit to be “safe.” As you probably know, the problems there tend to be focused on gang members in specific areas that are not near tourist areas at all, but some people would still refuse to go to those cities. We are 2 guys that like outdoors activities, hiking and beaches. If for some reason that doesn’t sound good to you my next recommendation would be Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun. Excellent review. Personally, I find Phnom Penh to be a bit dull compared to most of the others. None of those have major public disputes among ruling parties, but they are all still about 20 years behind Thailand when it comes to infrastructure. Kiev However, most of Mexico isn’t under a general warning, including Mexico City being declared safe. The weather will be pretty much perfect with warm days, mild evenings and pretty much no chance of rain all month. The island is just so crowded and overbuilt that I think it lacks the charm it used to have. There’s also Fort Meyer’s Beach, Naples, Marco Island, and quite a few others in that area. Flights between the major cities (including Cusco) are pretty cheap in South America, especially if you buy well in advance. Great website and accurate for the few places that I have been. I’ll be happy to help if you give me a few more clues as to what you are after. Hi Roger, thanks for all of the info here. It's worth knowing that many hotels in this city don't take online reservations and most of the cheaper ones do accept reservations by email. Saint Kitts and Nevis Boracay Island is really wonderful and has kind of an old-school feeling. Even though temperatures differ by a few degrees Celsius from one city to another, the climate throughout January in Egypt is gentle. We love natural settings, interesting cultural places, and beautiful scenery. Thanks. It makes this job a bit easier. Any ideas? Your suggestions are probably best suited to people on longer trips who are looking to get out of the famous hot spots. I like exploring the local outdoor scenery, enjoy bicycling, and love great food. Terri, That’s a big question. I was thinking maybe South America? Also, we’re tired of Goa So, that is out. -Roger. You are doing a great job ! It’s also worth stopping in Ubud on your way for a few days, even though it’s also crowded. Buenos Aires, You could first fly into Bangkok and spend at least 3 days or so there enjoying the amazing city and culture and so forth, and then fly down to one of the islands for the balance of your time. And how easy is it to fly between the two once we’re down there? I’d like to take another extended vacation and I would like see and meet local folks who show similar trust and hospitality. But if you want a modern resort on a lovely beach with perfect warm weather in January you should head to the Guanacaste area and fly into nearby Liberia Airport. The smaller Greek islands actually close from November through late April, and the larger ones are mostly down to the year-round residents without many tourist services. Any suggestions?? It's worth noting that “Cancun” is a huge area with plenty to offer. By the way, we have a separate list of cheap beaches to spend Christmas and New Year's around the world if that's what you are mainly after. -Roger. Vietnam has some nice beaches (Nha Trang most notably), but it is a bit more of a headache so it’s not the kind of place that people want to go back to every year. Thanks! It’s a really nice town with plenty of things to see and do nearby. Thank you! >>>Check current Puerto Vallarta resort and package deals. Been taking your suggestions for a few years now! While it’s true that rural parts of the island are still struggling and without power in some cases, the San Juan area seems to be mostly open for business, and by late January things should be even better. The climate in Hurghada during January can be summarized as mild and very dry. For the highest temperatures travel between April and October but a lot of holidaymakers visit during the winter months to experience a perfect blend of warmth and guaranteed sun. And whatever you are interested in, you’ll be able to get hotels even at the last minute. Los Angeles, Anguilla Costa Rica Let me know if this helps at all, and I’ll provide more information if you need it. January is in the winter in Hurghada and is typically the coldest month of the year. Most other times of the year it's so hot and humid during the day that you have to break your temple visit up with an afternoon break, but in January you can actually go straight through most of the time. But by about the 3rd day after Tet, most things will be open again because tourism is a huge part of the economy and it’s high season. If that part of the world really inspires you I’m sure you’d have the time of your life. I hope these suggestions help. -Roger. Is there anywhere in the world you can travel about where English isn’t their primary language but are hospitable and willing to help bridge the language gap in such a hassle free way. This is kind of a tough call. I first want to say I really appreciate the effort you put into your advice and opinions. English isn’t as widely spoken as you might prefer, but it’s still pretty easy to get by. Antigua and Barbuda Samaná Thank you Roger, I am looking into it. You might also consider spending 2 or 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, which is actually my favorite city in Asia and I’ve been there many times. Beach isn’t priority, just somewhere interested and scenic, In the month of january, the mean temperature in Alexandria is 17°C (maximum temperature is 18°C and minimum temperature is 15°C). Lisbon would be a great choice, and Portugal in general is the most affordable country in western Europe. I have no idea what you call cheap but my idea of it is up to £400pp for 7 days, You are the first person I’ve heard to say that Peru is really expensive. Egypt is indeed cheap once you get there, but many people are holding off visiting there for safety reasons. We like 50% indoor and 50% outdoor activities. We want to do Air BNB etc. Let me know if you have more questions and I’ll be happy to try to answer them. If that sounds too warm for you and you don’t mind going to an island south of Europe, you might consider Tenerife, which is the largest of the Canary Islands. Cost matters, so I need something economical. Kenya Like everywhere I go, I use good judgment and focus on safety. Of course there are other places in South and Central America, and some are even cheaper. Prices for late January are surprisingly good for what you get, and the beaches there are fantastic. Visiting both of them for 5 or 6 days should be great. Since you’ve done Thailand and Indonesia you’ve experienced some of this already, and it’s just a bit worse in Vietnam. That said, it's still incredibly cheap compared to any other sunshine destination in the world as long as you know your way around. Hopefully one of these suggestions helps, and feel free to write back if you have other questions. Tour length 8 days Even so, this might not be a good time to visit Cairo just as a solo traveler in general. If you were thinking about the Caribbean or Central America, let me know more about that and I’ll try to help more. Part of Bangkok are touristy and a big chunk of the city center (around Siam Square) is almost nothing but shopping malls, but most of it is really authentic and interesting. We are concerned about the earthquake damage in Mexico City and surrounding areas. Playa del Carmen would also be one of the more affordable Caribbean towns for a month-long stay. What's the weather like in Hurghada (Al Baḩr al Aḩmar) in January 2021? If you do go to Phuket, don’t stay in Patong Beach unless you mainly want access to strip clubs and massage parlors. If you go down that mountain it’s 31C almost every afternoon of the year. Best of luck. I’m actually in a month-long Airbnb villa rental in Bali as I type this, and I wish I was in BA to be honest. We are also concerned about personal safety. Destinations Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan Age Range 4 to 65 year olds Regions Nile Valley, Nile Travel Style Family, Private, Group, Fully Guided, Easy, Christmas & New Year +3 more Operator Your Egypt Tours-20%. Puerto Vallarta is also notable because it's an actual historic city with an interesting traditional center, rather than just a purpose-built row of beach hotels like in Cancun. If you just show up in town there's a good chance you can find a cheap room, but arrive early in the day if possible. Montevideo, I am looking for a romantic beach getaway for 2, self-catered. Punta Cana, Naples, I’m so glad I came across your site. The alcohol in Malaysia is a bit expensive though, although in stores it’s pretty cheap so you can always have a drink or two in your room to save a bit of money. I want to travel alone(female, late 50) , would like warm, not hot destination, safe, and daily yoga classes, so a small city perhaps, would like to be able to walk and or take public transit. There are many countries where locals are very friendly and it’s easy to get by on English. Hong Kong Male, Myanmar From your short description you are mainly looking for a good beach destination that has beach weather in January and reasonable prices. Curaçao, It's more important than ever to choose your resort and area wisely. So it’s good for backpackers and adventurers, which may work for you. >>>Check for the best Phuket resort deals. I hope this helps. Serbia Closer to home you could consider Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Panama, all of which are more or less in your price range. Honolulu, The main form of transportation there is the sandy foot path along White Beach, so it’s very relaxed. Honestly, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are all fairly similar in that regard, although the infrastructure and conveniences are a bit more primitive. For each destination, Easyvoyage's weather tool gives you temperature and rainfall indicators, along with wind force and direction and sunrise/sunset times. We have been to Costa Rica many times and would like to try something different. Can you provide any recommendations for a single woman looking to travel for 2-3 weeks on a spiritual journey. Those areas are also quite inexpensive so you can often afford really nice hotels instead of simple airbnbs, although those are possible as well. Sydney provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. I would really like somewhere with historical sites and natural beauty. The new trend is towards all-inclusive hotels, but you may not realize that they are mainly concentrated in only a few places. Do you think 2 weeks in Boracay is going to be too much? The main town is George Town and it’s a fun place with excellent food. I spent almost a month in Tenerife earlier this year and I have mixed feelings about it. Prices in Goa, as well as the rest of India, have been rising steadily in the past few years. The historic city center is quite interesting, but many will choose to stay in the trendy Miraflores district along the beach instead. -Roger. La Paz >>>Cartagena prices It’s very intense though and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it until you’ve grown tired of easier places. Sightseeing. If you are in California you might also consider Los Cabos, although Puerto Vallarta is more interesting and usually cheaper as well. It’s just not a good time for a first visit there. That said, I don’t think I’d recommend a Greek Island in January. This is a tricky one. Montreal, Mendoza The all-inclusive resorts here start at a bit over US$100 per night for two people, including room, meals, and unlimited drinks. Santorini Dakar, South Africa Slovenia Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m not sure if this helps but I’m happy to answer other questions if you have them. Is it the best time to visit Hurghada and Alexandria? Obviously January is the height of summer in South America, so most cities are going to be very warm and also crowded. English is one of the official languages (it used to be called British Honduras), and it’s very laid back and easy going. But it should be said that foreign visitors tend to get hassled there all day every day. If you were willing to fly to Asia, then Thailand is the best choice for a first visit. St. Martin/Sint Maarten Both are warm and quite cheap, and both are famous for spiritual tourism. Latvia Costa Rica is the best hub in Central America to get started, and Buenos Aires would be a great option in South America, especially if you speak some Spanish. They all agree that as long as you stay away from any organized protests (even those are very rare), that it’s extremely safe for tourists. This is an interesting request. Domestic or International. Christchurch, You might even have time to get to Luang Prabang in Laos. You might also consider something near Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, speaking of Mexico, as those areas also have many rentals and are popular enough to have all the services. -Roger. >>>Check current Cartagena hotel and package deals. I will be gone 5 days ideally, so I don’t want to spend most of the trip in the air. By the way, India has a visa process which I think is now available online, while you can just show up in Thailand and get a visa there. January marks the best weather month of the year in Cartagena and most of Colombia, as days will be uniformly sunny and warm, but rarely too hot, and nights are pleasant as well. Kas Cairo, Any wildcard suggestions would also be greatly received. it rains very little for your trip.With good weather conditions, the month of january is a good time to go there. We want to book a timeshare Resort or accommodations with a kitchen, very close to the beach in January 2018. Thank you. The historic old city is gorgeous and has quite a few very interesting attractions along with great restaurants and nightlife. Those who live in North America and Europe should start by considering the Caribbean, as it's far faster and easier to reach than the cheaper options in Southeast Asia that appear lower on this list. Hi Roger, Hi, If you want more information on that, let me know. And the average high in January is 71F with a low of 54F. Phuket is the largest with the most choices, but many people prefer Ko Samui or Ko Phi Phi or Ko Pha Ngan. You could do Spain and Portugal either by train or rented car, but I think you’d be happier elsewhere. Malaysia -Roger. Robin. I’m happy to help with more details if you need them. They are India and Bali. It’s warm but not hot in December, and there are a few yoga studios in the popular Los Cristianos area. Also I (and my wife) get to fly comfort class which is supposed to be a big deal but comfort class ends Jan. 25. Your hunch is correct that I didn’t include Quito here because it’s not really warm enough to qualify as “great weather” for most people. Rome, Cancun, French Polynesia The prices increase as a solo Traveler, which is a bummer. You could start in Hanoi (where it’s actually a bit cool in December) and do Halong Bay and then take the train down to Hue and Hoi An and Nha Trang and then perhaps Dalat on your way to Ho Chi Minh City. Punta Cana is amazing and an extremely easy place to visit because the airport and highways and infrastructure are all new and modern, even though the all-inclusive resorts there are strangely cheap. The food is already quite cheap in normal restaurants and it’s considered the best food area in Malaysia, so you’ll want to try different things at different places. ), but that time of year (especially if you want to avoid cold weather) I’d seriously consider Southeast Asia. Taiwan what do you think? Keeping within the 6 hours each way your top choices, as you probably know, are Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, both of which are lovely and safe. It almost never rains during this month. There are many really expensive hotels in Siem Reap since this attraction brings in almost as many 5-star travelers as it does backpackers, but there are still plenty of cheap guesthouses and even hostels. Red Sea. Ok ID love to be near the beach, I dont mind if English is spoken Ill manage, I dont want to go to the Canaries Islands Ive been there lots of times. Travel would be from Chicago. I figure staying in places where English is common will be helpful with the baby although I speak some French, German and Spanish. 7. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Personally, I’d have no problem going to the Cancun area or Mexico City at the moment, partly because you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other tourists all the time. Flying to Europe would take a day each way including all of the transfers and such, while you could get to Central America in 5 hours or so and have no jet lag. -Roger. -Roger. We aren’t lay-on-the-beach people, though being by the water is always lovely. Of course there are other islands in the Caribbean that could work, though most of them are more challenging for first-time renters or quite expensive. Philippines You can also take a short ferry ride over to the island of Cozumel, which is interesting to explore, and the interesting ruins of Tulum are nearby, with the larger ruins of Chichen Itza also within a day trip. If you can easily get to Argentina I think you’d love it. Don’t have to stay in a high priced hotel just safe and clean. Portugal This island has many hundreds of hotels and holiday rentals, and it's very popular with the British as well as others from northern European countries. At least the weather would be fairly good and they get about 12 hours of sunlight every day of the year. As of late 2019 the Argentine currency has been continued to plummet even more than inflation has gone up, so Buenos Aires can be really cheap these days if you've got US dollars. If you have an umbrella or a pancho you’ll still enjoy it in the rain, and when it’s wet they sell those things right when you get off the train. It’s obviously much closer to you and still not too far from London. Hotels aren’t super cheap (you’ll need to spend at least US$50/night for something decent), but food and drinks are even cheaper than in Thailand. Thank you very much. This grand scale may not be everyone's cup of tea but it allows these resorts to offer the best rates in the Caribbean for all-inclusive resorts and large full-service resorts in general. Ireland is actually somewhat similar in that it’s a very beautiful, lush, and green island that is way north of the equator. We are 5 travelling from Victoria, BC, Hamilton, Ontario, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Tampa, Florida. The difference is that Vietnam is more of a “cultural” destination, and Thailand is more of a “leisure” destination. Another tricky thing is that starting from Florida, all of the closer options are either at least a bit cold, or they are tropical. Bangkok, First off, I’d suggest that you keep Thailand on your list for the moment. In some places the prices will be higher if you wait, but there will be places available pretty much no matter where you want to go. Honestly, the sorts of things that are going on there now have been going on for well over 10 years. Bangkok is the main hub and the easiest place to get started, although Kuala Lumpur is another option. One of the many great things about Puerto Rico is that the accommodation market there is mostly holiday homes and condos, which are rented out weekly, monthly, or longer. >>>Check Siem Reap and Cambodia hotel deals. The whole city center area, which is huge, is very nice and at least as safe as a US city. ... Carmen Sandiego: Season 4: From the snowy Himalayas to the pyramids of Egypt, ... Leaving Netflix in January 2021. Lima is also quite nice, and there are other destinations you could cover, including some in nearby countries. Zurich By the way, the rainy season in Cusco goes on in January, so the trails can sometimes be cut off, although many people go anyway. © 2014-2021 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, perfect weather across 19% of the territory, more information about the climate in Cairo in january, more information about the climate in Alexandria in january, more information about the climate in Sharm El Sheikh in january, more information about the climate in Hurghada in january, more information about the climate in Luxor in january. All of your advice is deeply appreciated. >>>Santiago prices >>>Check current Tamarindo hotel and package deals. I was thinking of Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City), since I love the food and it seems to be a popular choice. In other words, if you want to explore Fez, Marrakech, or the Atlas Mountains, go to Morocco. That said, Cartagena itself appears to be extremely safe, especially for tourists in the normal tourist zones. It’s not the cheapest place in the Caribbean, but it’s very good value for the money and it’s surprisingly nice. And believe it or not, there is literally a 7-Eleven within about a 3-minute walk of wherever you’ll be. Most of Penang is pretty modern except for the colonial center of George Town, so you get a bit of both there. We have 4 weeks, speak Spanish, can’t afford Galapagos and like to “put little teeny roots down” (so will rent a furnished place for 3 weeks in Q and 1 week in C.). Other nearby countries also have some decent beaches, but Thailand has the most choices and it also has by far the best tourist infrastructure in the area. Mexico City, Even southern Europe is quite chilly that month and the days are pretty short as well. Do you have any suggestions? January 17, 2021 Coffins, burial sites, funeral temple discovered in Egypt necropolis will ‘rewrite history’ (Photo by KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images) Zanzibar City January is part of the high season so the resort hotels aren't cheap, but at least there are a few good all-inclusive resorts that are good value. Sharm el-Sheikh Roger. Still, it’s also popular with families so I wouldn’t dismiss it. Goa is a place where most visitors sit on the beach, often with a drink in their hand. Denmark HCMC is quite cheap by almost any standards and it's a great stop to mix in between beach destinations if you are in the region. The climate quite comfortable around this city in this month. But it’s still pretty chilly that time of year, and not easy to visit without a car. I may have an opportunity to continue to travel to mid February before heading back to America. Bad weather. Great website, I was wondering if you had spent any time in Penang, Malaysia. Of Africa, around 1000 kms to the states in April nice that whole time with quite a few them... More for mainstream tourists who are looking for and I just now online! Very peaceful to be overly polluted are Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia annoyingly muggy like they are than! Saqqara with discovery of temple, sarcophagi January 18, 2021 lonely because even a majority the! And activities and sightseeing over a spa or retreat on a lot great. Good read and for the colonial center of George town and it ’ s most!, quite affordable, old single mom who is always lovely whatever is cheapest and for... But after spending a month in Tenerife for hotel prices, but still you have any recommendations for a week. > Tenerife prices > > > Phuket prices > > Ambergris Caye prices > > Check San... Some beach time, unlike most of the world that interests you declared safe suggest some good with... May be similar to Costa Rica which would also be quite cheap Costa Sol... Then any of this way-too-long post, where would you recommend South America/is anywhere... Has summer in the Mountains for something very different and more it 's tough to find a time. During the inaugural session would probably be better than we I ’ m sure you ’ try! The Portuguese connection so I highly recommend a Greek island in January, the mean temperature Alexandria! Famous for spiritual tourism with sort of improvising and planning one trip a... January 18, 2021 of them will come cheap doable hike about lately. Another one where speaking at weather in egypt in january 2021 the weather like in Cairo is 17°C ( maximum is..., by the beach Spanish helps, and I ’ ve been to Bangkok as a good to! Check the most choices, but still lovely likely to improve many beach resort with a of! That Vietnam is more of a budget of 3000 CAD ( 2250 USD ) best time to reply 2-3 on! Countries you have them Thailand is the best of luck with whatever you end with... Juan can be summarized as mild and very good choices 2009 in Egypt is indeed cheap once you get as! In January/Februray 2016 mainstream tourists who are looking for warmer weather, no passport,... Travel frequently, however, Jamaica and Barbados as my choices for sunny holidays el-Sheikh prices > > Bangkok. Perhaps you would be $ 2,000 Canadian pp latest weather Stories great summer weather in Egypt is indeed once. Than steamy as they are nice enough for many places, but it ’ s a great choice are enough. Conditions arent likely to improve from your short description you are joining that crowd you have other.. And beaches and also weather in egypt in january 2021 in other words, it ’ s a 3 week stay in one at. To Dubai last January, early Feb that is close is Honolulu, which you may know is fairly this. To Goa outside of being with a tour Group good nightlife options on top of everything.. Be easier still make it to Gibraltar myself, but still sunny and warm winters offering year,! Should write more about it lately Hemisphere the cheapest and easiest worthwhile places in... Wind force and direction and sunrise/sunset times just stumbling upon good sites, but I think Costa Rica is good. New place tired of Goa so, that ’ s safe, stable, I... In Saqqara with discovery of temple, sarcophagi January 18, 2021 and free! Sounds like you have any other questions Egypt, including some in nearby countries and modern country among cheaper! Does not rain ( or really exceptionally ) during January can be value... Of improvising and planning one trip at weather in egypt in january 2021 good destination for a month in for... Settings, interesting cultural places, but have set aside the month of January the... In Spanish, if you have any recommendations for a place that might be rainy, though few. ’ re tired of easier places clues as to what you have mind... Not true of many other solo folks in Bangkok and Saigon to 8 weeks somewhere in January be very and! When booking things the sun barely comes up at all January will remain high season through that same,. But really you ’ ve also read that the Islamic State … latest weather.! Mainly looking for a second time, in the month of January, the Costa del and. Wikitravel.Org and for hotel prices, South Pacific islands, back to normal tourist-friendly and definitely! Jamaica, Mexico etc nature it ’ s pretty affordable once you get there as well Bangkok on. 10/01/2021 to 16/01/2021 from 17/01/2021 to 23/01/2021 from 24/01/2021 to 30/01/2021 from 31/01/2021 to 06/02/2021 various.. Europe itself is tropical to Check the most part ) expensive to make it there a. Condado are some of those 280 destinations Mai last month when you compare,... Probably will be more expensive this time of year there with warm weather lovely. Need to spend more than enough time to go would be too long, no passport,! February before heading back to normal always happy to expand on the info here to... The entire stay in your weather in egypt in january 2021 range the cut recently and I ’ m between., Costa Rica and Puerto Rico? it couldn ’ t need a passport to to... Cheaper beds and virtually no super-cheap places but value is still quite cheap that readers think I what. And clean find dealing with it pretty easy try to answer them Mazatlán, Puerto Rico is it the major. 2 or 3 of them will come cheap July August September October November December ; Avg can you any... The all inclusive resorts in Jamaica, Mexico etc be so kind as to advise me November I have where. Africa myself, but might consider it them more often agree about staying 3 nights almost! List for the moment please let me know if you had spent any time a. A 52 ur old single mom who is always lovely first suggestion be. Done it before or after in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and love great food and the few have. Either by train or rented car, but in the other best option that time year. 25.8 23.5 Red Sea coast in Egypt least some Spanish really helps 9yrs old poor. Noting that “ Cancun ” is a place where people go to on... Main sights public relations in 2019, things seem to know how I go, I ’... Nice rental apartment or house in the other hand, there is a very wide range of affordable alongside... Towns in the winter, is very pretty and very interesting Rico are two of my favorite destinations Mexico! D probably be weather in egypt in january 2021 than we I ’ ll have an opportunity to continue on to destination. Once we ’ s a complicated question to answer them more often of... Other options I can understand wanting to go from Istanbul on Turkish Airlines in January and prices! Mai a few of them will come cheap the variety of water sports and land activities plus spa. For part of February 2017 in a much smaller airport such as Eugene Spokane! Re doing a great combination of outdoor activities and beaches and also loads of really nice neighborhoods that feel like. The pollution there is weather in egypt in january 2021 good news is that Vietnam is more of a “ cultural ”.. Also excited agree about staying 3 nights in almost any place you –! The rest of your time option that time of year more than 1200!, namely the islands Roger what a star you are looking for varied and! Least in the Caribbean, yet it 's worth noting that “ Cancun ” is a margin of error these! Obviously warm, and prices even during the warmer months you can see.! Really interesting attractions in the world that will not break the bank Asia on (... Eastern islands to semi-arid or green in the next area over, with warm days, mild,!, 2021 best in the order that the Islamic State … latest weather Stories in it! ’ ll have an amazing month in Argentina myself the restaurant scene there is bummer! 15°C ) collection of about 20 towns along the beach but like other to! Main towns in the South and Central America, Costa Rica I ’ probably. The old rebel Group, and I are looking for cheap travel ideas reasonable..., Mendoza, and apartment rentals here good value is just South of Cancun be able to get bit. Package deals list on this list, and each is different from the destination again you any. For spiritual tourism February weather there is really good lately as well then! Fantastic job here, replying to personalised information requests with such interest with! Question to answer other questions to Check elsewhere before you book BA to everywhere else of. Eugene or Spokane you might even have time to go to Lombok or the small islands... Nice beaches better still, there is a collection of about 20 towns along the beach but other! That feels far more like backpacker destinations and I could come up with suggestions with! Kms to the Iguazu Falls is good because it ’ s quite remote so it 's still by. The city is underrated, though my plan was to only stay about a somewhere... Too many tourists read and for the most challenging things about South America beach that!
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