), they decided to take matters into their own hands to design a fortified spool which is virtually unbreakable, while still offering a competitive price. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Bravura Blue FF Thread Description “Unbreakable Spool” FF Nylon Thread, by LC Double Reeds. Hand dyed thread for Oboe/Bassoon reeds with unique colorways. This is achieved from using the highest quality recyclable plastics in such a way as to emphasize the structural integrity of the spool, as opposed to cutting manufacturing cost. I will not expedite shipping until further notice, and packages expected to reach their destination within 1-2 days will be held 24-48 hours before being shipped. The addition of wax will also strengthen the fiber and assists in creating a proper seal. Similar to cotton crochet size 10 thread. Soak reeds in alcohol for 30 seconds, remove from alcohol and let let the alcohol drain through the staple. Most double reed players use size “FF” thickness for its limited elasticity, strength and durability. Home > Shop > FF Nylon Reed Thread – Deep Violet. I really love Squirrelly Stash reed thread, and I believe you will too. There are no reviews yet. Bassoonists have many options for wrapping or sealing their reeds. Bassoon and Oboe Reeds (Notes) Definitely one of the more unique uses for nylon thread. Search. Stay up to date with new products, special offers and news from A.Lakota Reeds. Allow reeds to dry full. HP seems to be a great cleaner for older reeds that may need revitalization, making it a substance that all double reed players   should have on-hand. Discover (and save!) The vibrant colors featured on the “unbreakable” spool are useful and dynamic. Oboe and English Horn. Reeds can be sterilized again in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Find great deals on eBay for oboe reed thread. Description. "FF" Nylon reed thread seals well even without the use of wax. Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of 2 atoms of hydrogen, and 2 atoms of oxygen (H2O2).Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes to become water (H2O) and oxygen which are non-reactive, and have no taste. Guaranteed Quality. A.Lakota Reeds was founded on the idea that handmade oboe reeds could be made to be of great quality while still being affordable to students, amateurs and professionals alike. Links and References; Contact; Cart; Highest-quality. Item Number. FF Nylon Reed Thread – Deep Violet. Disinfecting best practices from the Centers for disease control and prevention. You can expect about two emails from us per month. $4.99 +$2.99 shipping. Providing quality oboe products for oboists since 2001. Packages being delivered may have been touched by many hands during transit. Northampton MA has not yet had any cases of Covid-19, however I am approaching my sanitation process as though I have already been in contact with the virus. LC Double Reeds thread features their unique and innovative "Unbreakable Spool" and is available in 31 different colors. Learn more about my reeds. Be careful not to touch the reeds directly after touching the outside of the shipping box. Related products. Allow packages being delivered to sit for 72 hours before being handled. Add to cart. Size 138 nylon is used for wrapping basoon and oboe reeds. Beautiful variegated thread for beautiful reeds! Make reedmaking more fun with an exciting new color of thread! Perfectly paired with our Forming Pin and Set. *Please be aware that the colors of the preview images may vary depending on your device or monitor settings, and therefore may not be an exact representation of the actual thread color* FF Nylon Thread, 165yd double-ended spool (non-waxed) LC Double Reeds is happy to introduce our newest line of FF Nylon Thread for re Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Allow reeds to dry fully away from reedmaking station (4-12 hours). OBOE SHAPES with suggested Tie-Off Lengths; Our Blog; Summer Study and Enrichment ; How do i know if my reed is dead? Oboe reeds are wrapped (and held together) with FF nylon thread. Danse Macabre, hand dyed bassoon and oboe thread, FF Nylon- 100 Yds. This fun thread is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, and won’t make your hands sticky! Rigotti Nylon FF Thread $ 8.00 – $ 12.00. Dark Multi-Colored Oboe or Bassoon Thread. From shop doubleOreeds. I am grateful that we are able to help one another to play the instrument we love and be happy oboe-ing. Pro-line oboe reeds are from our reedmaker's private stock, available in medium strength only, and are wrapped with nylon thread on pro brass staples with synthetic cork. Reed Making Thread Sort by Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Having heard many complaints from customers about plastic spools breaking under the pressure applied when wrapping reeds (and having experienced this themselves! Menu Close Cart. I feel that the brilliant colors liven up my reed making experience. The Wiener oboe (Viennese oboe) is a type of modern oboe that retains the essential bore and tonal characteristics of the historical oboe. Oboe and English Horn Reed Making Supplies, Oboe reed blanks and English horn reed blanks, https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/disinfecting-your-home.html, https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/new-coronavirus-stable-hours-surfaces. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 reviews $ 7.25. Each email is filled with useful information and research on reeds and reed making, accompanied by discounts, so you can save money and make the right decisions. Nylon FF 105 yards. We are not aware of substitutions being made with any other type of thread. Perfect for concerts and recitals for the student and professional oboist. Make your double reeds extra special! FF Nylon Reed Thread – Deep Violet $ 9.95. Contact Me. Assorted colors both solid and variegated – make a request and I’ll try to get you close. HP seems to be more gentle on the vascular bundles/cell integrity of the cane. Hand dyed FF cotton thread on a wooden spool for bassoon reeds. Hand Dyed Oboe Reed Thread // Oboe Reed Thread // Variegated Oboe Reed Thread // FF Nylon Oboe Reed Thread GreenMusicGifts. These spools are prepared in our Infiniti Reeds studio. As an added precaution I am allowing reeds at least 3 days to reach their destination after being packaged. Oboe Reeds English Horn Reeds d'Amore Reeds Apparel Accessories Books/CDs. The natural fibers of silk will expand with moisture which causes the fibers to relax. Reed thread. My Hand-dyed reed thread is made by Squirrely Stash, a small U.S business specializing in beautifully colored thread for making oboe reeds and bassoon reeds. Previous Product. Reed making thread for double reeds on wooden spools. Free shipping on orders over $100. Shop with confidence. Large Spool - 200 yards. This is high quality long staple (for added strength) non-mercerized cotton (for better absorption of glue). item 3 100% Nylon Bassoon & Oboe Reed Thread, FF Weight, 200 yards +Choice of 10 Colors 2 - 100% Nylon Bassoon & Oboe Reed Thread, FF Weight, 200 yards +Choice of 10 Colors. Home Nylon. Texas Bluebonnet - Blue Violet Variegated. Not just for oboe reeds: our variegated thread color options look great on bassoon reeds as well! Add to cart. Hand Dyed, Variegated, Multi-Colored Oboe Reed Thread. 300 yard spools. This is premium quality triple-twisted nylon reed makers thread. FF Nylon Thread, 165yd double-ended spool (non-waxed) LC Double Reeds is happy to introduce our newest line of FF Nylon Thread for reed-making, featuring our unique and innovative Unbreakable Spool. Oboe reed sanitation against Corona Virus (Covid19). $ 8.00 × Products. Polyester Thread Information - Polyester Thread Buying Guide. I have been using Squirrely Stash for several years to make the professional oboe reeds. Thread. Reed thread $ 8.50. Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. 0 Menu. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/new-coronavirus-stable-hours-surfaces. Customer service & personal help on reed making & oboe playing. We still have some Rice thread! your own Pins on Pinterest There are 40 oboe thread for sale on Etsy, and they cost $20.13 on average. I have been using Squirrely Stash for several years to make the professional oboe reeds. Danse Macabre, hand dyed bassoon and oboe thread, FF Nylon- 100 Yds $8.75 USD FF Nylon Thread, 165yd double-ended spool (non-waxed). FF Nylon Reed Thread - Deep Violet quantity . There is No Risk! All my Reeds are totally Guaranteed! Briefly describe your newsletter and write a quick sentence about your commitment to not spamming your subscribers. An unspecified length and color of Nylon FF-gauge thread and A table leg The cane is secured to the staple usually using thread of some sort. About this item. Home / Bassoon, Bassoon Reed Making Tools, Oboe / EH Reed Making Tools / Reed thread. "FF" Nylon is the most popular option for making bassoon reeds and oboe reeds due to the reed thread's extra strength and exceptional appearance. I traditionally use Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) for a few reasons. Thread for reed making : Thread – 200yds, Nylon FF Aqua 2XTDA $7.00 Black 2XTDB $7.00 Dark Royal Blue 2XTDRB $7.00 Purple ... Rieger Oboe Reed Wrapping Thread. SKU: RIGOTTITHR Categories: Thread, Oboe Reed Making, Thread. I am very appreciative for all the support that I have received from my customers over the years. "FF" Nylon reed thread seals well even without the use of wax. You guessed it: black. Oboe & Bassoon. Place reeds in hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds, remove from HP allow excess liquid to flow through the staple then shake excess moisture from the reed. FF+ Nylon Thread in an assortment of multi-color combinations. New. Bassoon and Oboe Reeds Nylon - Size 138. Bassoonists also use this kind of thread. Hand dyed thread(FF)- "Fall in love" doubleOreeds. The current lead time for all hand processed reeds and cane is 4-10 days. Squirrely Stash FF Nylon Thread. Rigotti thread comes on a single ended spool, about 270 yards per spool. Jul 27, 2020, 04:06 AM PDT. English horn Pro-line Reed Price each: $25.00 See all. Next Product. FF Thickess (Standard for Oboe) Looks Great and is very strong. Make your double reeds extra special! " Thread FF. NEW! Join the Hodge Products community! FF nylon thread. These run out quickly, so order yours today! 283182809981. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 reviews $ 8.50. Customers wanting to take further precautions upon receipt of their oboe reeds may wish to take these steps. Shop with confidence. Select from a wide variety of colors of our FF gauge, 200 yard single color spools. Some people prefer silk thread -- other people have experimented with plumber's tape and other materials -- but most people prefer Nylon thread, because it is durable and doesn't stretch much, which means it will hold the reed indefinitely and stably. English horn reeds are wired with brass staples. "FF" Nylon is the most popular option for making bassoon reeds and oboe reeds due to the reed thread's extra strength and exceptional appearance. Quantity. 49 sold. We also carry pre … Beeswax for coating reed thread. Colors available are: Earth, Rhapsody, & Sunset. Oboe reed making supplies and accessories, Oboe reed sanitation is something that every reed maker must be familiar with when selling reeds to the public. Reed maker and … We usually send fewer than one email per month, we promise not to overflow your inbox. It is often referred to as Size FF oboe reed thread. Reviews. Oct 24, 2019 - Cotton Candy FF gauge variegated reed thread is hand dyed to fade from pink to light pink. The most popular color? Condition. FF Nylon Thread, 165yd double-ended spool (non-waxed) LC Double Reeds thread features their unique and innovative "Unbreakable Spool" and is available in 31 different colors. Due to the recent covid-19 (corona virus) outbreak I have made a switch to using both Hydrogen peroxide along with Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect oboe reeds and English horn reeds. Sold in 165 yard spools. Selected: FF Nylon Reed Thread - Deep Violet $ 9.95. Color : Clear: Quantity. Item Ending . Wash hands and insert reeds into their packages for shipping. This ensures that if the inside of the package was contaminated, the virus will spend enough time in the packaging to die. Products, resources, and support for oboists of all ages and levels of ability × Search. Wash hands after opening your packages and before trying oboe or English horn reeds. Comes in a regular cake, or a variety of fun novelty shapes! Oboe Tutorial Videos; Piano Students; Contact; Free Downloads; 0. From shop GreenMusicGifts. Hand dyed thread for Oboe/Bassoon reeds with unique colorways. Skill Level. Premium quality triple twisted nylon reed makers thread in the most popular “FF” thickness. Mar 6, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by REEDFORSTATION. Reed makers must try and adjust every oboe reed or English horn reed I made to ensure proper function. Quality made reeds, a variety of reed making equipment, music, accessories, & gift items. More than 10 available. Let reeds sit for 3 minutes and then dip the reeds in fresh distilled water to rinse off alcohol. Texas BBQ - Orange Variegated. Professional. Thread - LC Double Reeds FF Nylon Thread with "Unbreakable Spool", All Bassoon and Contrabassoon Accessories, All Hodge and Swiss Single Reed Reed Cases, Thread Nylon - GBS Solid Colors 200 yards, FF, Landwell Double Hollow Ground Reed Knives. For years reed makers have longed for more than two choices in FF gauge variegated reed thread. Silk is the only oboe thread which must be waxed prior to being used. Oboe / EH Reeds; Oboe / EH Accessories; Oboe / EH Staples and Cane; Oboe / EH Reed Making Tools; Oboe / EH Reed Cases; Gifts; Shipping & Returns; Singin Dog Blog ; Contact Us; Facebook Instagram. We have dozens of color options and two different brands available (LC and GBS). Find great deals on eBay for oboe thread and ff nylon thread. Each spool of reed thread is dyed in small batches to ensure consistency and product quality. Mystery Stash – a combination of random lengths of mystery colors.