Well, if you are talking about new cards, it can be tough depending on how comfortable with the material you are. That is because I am a DumbFuckDO who didn't pick up Zanki until 2 months ago. Discussion. I would only recommend this … Hi! Part 5: Card Type video (how to customize how your cards look) **If you are starting new, u/blueskies2101 uploaded the V7 version with images in the comments of our reddit post. Set it to something like 100 new cards per day. Daily new cards RTK: 0 now; 20 to 25 while still adding new ones. That review number should be like 3-6 times that. It takes ~20 days to mature your last card, so let's say 190 days to go thru the whole deck. AnKingMaster Card Type Download. It grows cumulatively, and a session can include 100 reviews or more, which can each … I plan to do more during dedicated, but right now I am using anki to supplement (not replace) my classes. As a rule of thumb, never cap your reviews; go to options on the deck and type 9999 on the number of reviews/day as not seeing a review as scheduled just screws you in the long run. If you did not ask a question, please disregard. Also, ignore people that say you have to thousands- it’s ok and reasonable to limit your reviews so that they work for you and still allow you to retain the info and have quality of life (you’ll learn better anyway). This is about to drop though as I’ve got tests next week and will stop doing new cards for a while so that I can focus on class ppts. So I was wondering how many new cards I can reasonably do per day ? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. How many new cards you do is really up to you; some people only have time/energy to do 100/day, others can pop off 500/day. For those, it's really tough to do more than 200 cards/day on top of other studying. This worked for me, but your mileage might vary. The most important thing is to make sure you understand each concept on a deeper level than before and not just focus on the number. If you do 200 new cards each day, this means you will have ~200 new cards the next day, plus whatever old cards are new that day. share. This was fine for a while but toward the end reviews got pretty nuts. If you’re studying exclusively for the MCAT, 100 a day from Miledown is reasonable but if you have cards from other classes you’re currently in, you’ll have to account for the time need to study those as well. I kind of binged new cards, so I ended up with big spikes when I learned a bunch of new cards. 2. Review Count. This chart shows you the situation of the Reviews of the last 30 days. Personally, I do 500 news and I'm doing avg 700 revs. How long does that take you every day? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Press J to jump to the feed. Hence the factor increases from 3-4 to about 5-6, that is 50 to 60 cards to repeat when learning 10 new cards per day. Just going to repeat myself from above and give a shout out to Progress Graphs and Stats for Learned and Matured Cards. Sorry for the long-winded reply, but I hope this helps. Under the chart you can see the total of the cards that you will have to review in the next X days (in my case, 65), the average per day (the total number of cards divided by the number of days) and how many cards you will have to review tomorrow. If you keep learning that way you will be able to predict quite accurately how many days or learning sessions it will take you to learn all the cards in your database. It has A LOT to do with what deck you're doing. WOuld love 95% retention on what surely will end up >2000 cards. And in that case, you want to make sure that you see all the new cards by some arbitrary deadline (leaving ample review time before the exam). Play around with the limits and figure out what works best for you. If you do use a deck with images, please do so legally. I was 100-150 per lecture back when I did it. Thanks a lot for the insight !3000+ per day must be a nightmare. level 2. A good starting point is around 7 cards for every hour per day that you are prepared to study. It really depends on how you like to study. Short answer: About add 25 new cards a day, for an average pace, if you’re studying flashcards for 30-60 minutes a day. hide. ANKI has numerous formats that you can use to create cards. This comes out to about 150 new cards/day. You could always pick a date that you want to have seen all new cards and do the math on how many new cards a day you need to see. This comes out to about 150 new cards/day. How long does it take you to do 500cards/day?
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